Florida Tenants

Florida Tenant Evictions
Are you a Tenant in a Florida commercial lease? Are you renting a house, condominium, apartment or room? If you are a Broward County FL Tenant, Miami-Dade County FL Tenant or Palm Beach County FL Tenant, and can answer YES to any of the following questions, the lawyers at 954 Eviction Attorneys are here to help!

  • Is your Landlord Evicting you?
  • Is your Landlord Evicting you without proper Court procedures?
  • Is your Landlord discriminating against you?
  • Is your Landlord refusing to make necessary repairs?
  • Is your Landlord not fulfilling his/her promises?
  • Is your Landlord refusing to return your security deposit?
  • Has your Landlord shut off your utilities or retaliating against you?
  • Have you been injured or made ill?
  • Has your property been damaged?

Our services are not only limited to the issues above. The aggressive Landlord-Tenant Lawyers at 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC are knowledgeable and experienced in ALL aspects of Florida Landlord-Tenant law. Contact us immediately for a FREE consultation to see how we can help!

We offer numerous services for our Broward Tenant, Miami-Dade Tenant, and Palm Beach Tenant clients. It is our goal to cater to both the financial and individual needs of our Tenant Clients. Ask us about our Broward Tenant, Miami-Dade Tenant, and Palm Beach Tenant limited representation services today. 

Flat Fee Evictions with NO HIDDEN COSTS! 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC is the #1 spot in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach County for all of your Eviction needs. We handle both commercial and residential evictions, landlord-tenant disputes, security deposit recovery, unpaid rent, unlawful detainers, ejectments, and replevin actions.

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