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Are you a Landlord or Property Manager in Broward County or Palm Beach County, Florida? The Eviction Lawyers at 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC are here to help with Evictions and all of your Landlord needs!

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If you are a Tenant in Broward County or Palm Beach County, Florida, and need an experienced Tenants' Rights Lawyer, 954 Eviction Attorneys are here to help!

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954 Eviction Attorneys prides itself on processing Evictions with NO HIDDEN FEES or COSTS! We assist Landlords and Tenants in all areas of real estate law throughtout South Florida and beyond.

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954 Eviction Attorneys are Landlord Lawyers that represent Landlords, Property Managers, Investors, and Property Owners with their Broward County Evictions, Palm Beach County Evictions, and Miami-Dade County Residential Evictions. Our Eviction Attorneys are well versed in F.S. Chapter 83 and F.S. Chapter 723.

954 Eviction Attorneys focuses on providing the best outcome for their clients within the quickest possible time that Florida Law permits.   The Landlord Lawyers at 954 Eviction Attorneys always communicate with their clients directly by providing them with a case status so they are informed with the progress of their Eviction case.  954 Eviction Attorneys also assist Florida Property Owners and Florida Investors with removing unauthorized occupants from homes wherein there is no lease, no consent to reside, and no payment of rent. This is commonly known as a Florida Unlawful Detainer Action and the process is governed under F.S. Chapter 82. Our Eviction Lawyers also represent Landlords, Property Managers, Investors and Homeowners with Ejectment Actions, Lease Preparation, and Letter Correspondence on behalf of our clients.

954 Eviction Attorneys provide aggressive representation for Florida Tenants that have been served with a Residential Eviction Complaint or a Notice from their Landlord that they are in violation of the terms of their Lease. Our Lawyers understand that being served with a Residential Eviction Complaint can be a very stressful situation for a Tenant and their family. This is why 954 Eviction Attorneys focuses on the Tenants needs and their desired end game. Whether the Tenant is looking to stay in the property or simply not have an eviction on their record, our Eviciton Lawyers will advocate for you.

954 Eviction Attorneys provides Tenant Representation when the Landlord is not maintaining the premises or breaching the material terms of the Lease. If you need to proceed with legal recourse against your Landlord or if you feel that your Landlord has filed an Unlawful Eviction against you or that you have paid the Landlord rent that the Landlord claims you have not paid, 954 Eviction Attorneys is here to defend you and fight for the justice you deserve!

954 Eviction Attorneys represents both Commercial Landlords and Commercial Tenants throughtout the State of Florida in Commercial Evictions and Commercial Landlord-Tenant disputes,. While Florida Commercial Evictions may be similar to Residential Evictions in many aspects, there are significant differences that need to be addressed and require a greater understanding of interpreting both the Commercial Lease and how to navigate through F.S. Chapter 83 Part I. Our West Palm Beach Commercial Eviction Lawyers and our Fort Lauderdale Commercial Eviction Attorneys know the Commercial Eviction process. As such, this saves our clients both time and money.

Our Florida Commercial Evictions Lawyers assist Commercial Landlords and Commercial Tenants in resolving both monetary and non-monetary violations of the Commercial Lease as well as assisting our clients with Commercial Lease drafting and review.



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