Whether a person is dealing with residential or commercial real estate, landlord and tenant legal issues can be complicated. Not only is there standard contract law to be considered in real estate law eviction, there are also special laws regarding the rental of real estate and, more particularly, the eviction of tenants. In fact, there are few areas of the law with more consumer protections than the laws regarding residential tenant rights.

Though many people believe that the written terms of a lease provide legally binding instruction on the eviction process in Florida, this is not always the case. Many times a lease prepared by a landlord or obtained from a non-attorney source will not qualify as a legally binding contract. Though the lease may have some legal standing, it will not allow a landlord to evict a tenant outside of the protections of state and local laws and regulations.

In most cases, state and local laws prescribe a specific set of steps that a landlord must take to evict a client. By failing to follow Florida real estate eviction laws, a landlord could be forced to begin the eviction process again or be forced to pay damages to the tenant.

Landlords who take it upon themselves to evict a tenant without using a Boynton Beach FL Eviction Attorney are exposing themselves to serious consequences if the eviction is not completed in accordance with Florida real estate law. Not only may a court overturn the eviction, but they may even award the tenant financial damages. The assistance of an experienced Boynton Beach FL Eviction Attorney can obviate the risks and headaches associated with the eviction process.

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