How Long Does the Eviction Process take in Florida to Evict a Tenant

When a Landlord needs to evict a Tenant in the State of Florida, it is extremely important that the Landlord follow the rules governing Evictions pursuant to Florida Statutes, Chapter 83. If the rules are not strictly followed, the Eviction Process can be significantly impacted preventing the Landlord from properly evicting the Tenant. As such, while there is no exact answer as to the specific time it takes to remove a Tenant in the State of Florida through the Eviction process, if Florida Statutes, Chapter 83 is strictly followed, it can generally be stated that the Eviction Process from start to finish takes about three (3) to four (4) weeks.  

There are several factors that can determine the length of the Florida Eviction Process.

The First Factor is if during the three (3) days after the three (3) day notice is either delivered personally to the Tenant or posted on the Tenant’s door, the Tenant pays the past due rent listed on the notice. If the Tenant pays the full amount owed listed on the three (3) day notice during the three (3) days, the Landlord can no longer proceed with the Eviction Process.

The Second Factor is whether the Tenant after failing to pay during the three (3) day notice period responds to the Eviction Complaint filed against them. If the Tenant responds to the Eviction Complaint and places the past owed rent into the Court Registry, the Court will most likely set the case for mediation prior to scheduling a Final Hearing on the Eviction. This will slightly delay the procedure. If however the case is resolved at mediation, the Eviction matter will be dismissed. This is the quickest way an Eviction Case can be settled besides a Tenant paying the Landlord during the three (3) day notice period. On the other hand, if the Tenant fails to respond to the Eviction Complaint after they are served, the Tenant will be defaulted and a Final Judgment will subsequently be entered.

The Third Factor that will determine the length of the Eviction Process in Florida to Evict a Tenant is the amount of time it takes the Sherriff to place the twenty-four (24) hour notice on the Tenant’s Door and the amount of time it takes for the Sherriff to return to the property to remove the Tenant. This factor can vary from county to county but in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami, it generally takes about ten (10) business days. While there is no clear answer as to the duration of the Eviction Process due to the significant amount of factors involved, it generally takes about thirty (30) day in the State of Florida.

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