Boca Raton Eviction Attorneys

Is it necessary for a Landlord to hire an Eviction Attorney in Boca Raton Fl to process their Eviction? The eviction lawyers of 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC are frequently asked this this very question. A Landlord that files their own Eviction may find that Tenants will file defenses that can present a problem to the Landlord and slow the ultimate goal of removing the Tenant from the property. Unforeseen defenses will also increase the length of time that it takes to complete the Eviction. As the Landlord is not an attorney, they are likely not familiar with the procedural aspects of an Eviction in Florida that must be followed.

The benefit of hiring experienced Eviction Attorneys like 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC is that our firm solely focuses on processing residential and commercial Evictions in Boca Raton Florida and throughout the State of Florida. Therefore, our main focus is to ensure that Landlords are able to remove nonpaying Tenants or Tenants that violate the non-monetary provisions of the lease without causing any stress for the Landlord. 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC understand that for many Landlords, the monthly rent they receive from their Tenants is an extremely important source of income for them. If a Landlord is forced to file an Eviction, they may lose additional months of rent due to the length of time the Eviction Process may take. Our goal is to process the Eviction quickly, so the Landlord can obtain possession and place a paying Tenant back in the property.

Your Boca Raton Eviction Attorneys provide a list of services to Landlords in Boca Raton FL that include but are not limited to:

  1. Failure of Tenants to pay monthly rent in Boca Raton FL;
  2. Eviction of Tenants for non-monetary reasons not related to payment of rent in Boca Raton FL;
  3. Eviction of Tenant in Boca Raton FL that are “Holdover Tenants”;
  4. Preparation of Commercial and Residential Lease Agreements and Rent Negotiation with Tenants in Boca Raton FL;
  5. Repairs & Maintenance Disputes brought by Tenants against Landlords in Boca Raton FL; and
  6. Actions brought against Tenants in Boca Raton FL.

At 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC, we assist Tenants and Landlords through all stages of the Eviction Process as well as review all potential leases. If you are a Tenant facing an Eviction in Boca Raton FL, or a Landlord that needs to evict a non-paying tenant or a tenant that is violating the lease, please contact us or call us today (954) 323-2529. We are here to help. Let us be your Boca Raton Eviction Attorneys.

Flat Fee Evictions with NO HIDDEN COSTS! 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC is the #1 spot in Broward County for all of your eviction needs. We handle both commercial and residential evictions, landlord-tenant disputes, security deposit recovery, unpaid rent, unlawful detainers, ejectments, and replevin actions.

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